i m bored

During holidays, weekends, holidays or any free time, more than one has already turned his thumbs and asked himself the question "I'm bored, what to do" or "What to do today"… Here are some ideas and suggestions for activities you can do right now.
I'm bored but there is reading At the same time relaxing and stimulating intellectual, reading also helps you to concentrate and to cultivate you. You have the choice between the famous novel, magazines, newspapers, etc ...
bored button but there are board games and puzzle games There's something for everyone, whether you're alone or together. With several you can opt for the famous Monopoly, 1000 terminals, card games for example, and if you are alone; Crosswords, sudoku, or arrow words, for example.
what to do when your bored you can walk A walk to the neighborhood park or cycle around the city; The goal is to breathe the spirit, to recharge. An activity that will also allow you to meet new people if you are bored alone at home.
Im bored but there is Learning a new language Have you always dreamed of speaking a foreign language that attracts you a lot? So, get started, between courses, or self learning by tutoring on the internet and applications for smartphones, you will find your happiness. And above all, do not forget to practice!
so bored !! This is no longer Grandmother's hobby, it is now very fashionable. And in addition, you will not have to buy your sweater, your muffler, your mittens for winter, you can also innovate by personalizing your creations and why not offer them as a gift?
I'm bored but there is the kitchen Preparing a cake, a pizza or a dish that puts you in the mouth will usefully spend your time, and will regale you once the preparation is finished. Recipes are found everywhere: books, magazines, television, internet ...
I'm bored but there is watching TV Film, documentary, magazine, animated film, series, etc. Look at what makes you happy to spend your time. Especially since it is more fun and less annoying to many.
im so bored but there is Caring for yourself It is not only women who have to worry about their image, but men too: go to the hairdresser, the beautician, make yourself pampered. Or do you make homemade masks. There is no excuse for not taking care of his appearance.
i am so bored but there is Housework Take advantage of this free time to do some cleaning, hunt sheep, mites, polish, vacuum: seeing your own home will not know what to please you.
what to work when your bored You like to create, improve, maintain the material things, then the DIY is made for you. You can for example indulge in the decoration of your interior, the repair and renovation of used objects ...
imbored but there is Le jardinage If you have a green hand, enjoy it to plant and why not have your vegetable garden? In addition, gardening is considered to be sport because it makes all of your muscles work.
I'm bored but there is Listen to music Whatever the genre: pop, jazz, classical etc ... it is known that music softens morals and without forgetting you will relax that you will not see the time scroll.
I'm bored but there is swim Swimming is a gentle sport, suitable for all, de-stressing and good for health. Here are some of these benefits: it has no impact on the joints and on the back, it tones muscles smoothly, and especially strengthens your endurance.
I am bored but there is Volunteering Give your time to help others, offer these services for free, what better for self-esteem? You will find an association or someone who needs your help!
I'm bored but there is astronomy The planets, the constellations, Great Bear, Little Bear: does that speak to you? Hello the budding astronomer who is going to get lost in the stars.
I am bored but there is looking after her pet Médor or Garfield would love cuddles too. A walk for the dog and big caresses for the cat: in addition to benefiting your pets, you will de-stress because they will show you all their affection.
I'm bored but there is Voyager Change air to get out of his daily routine, visit new places, discover other cultures, recharge ... but above all be proud to have satisfied his desire elsewhere.
Im bored but there is Le modelisme Create models of boat, house, bridge ... Why not if you are meticulous and have patience? The latter will reward you in the end, when you admire

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